Just 1 Thing 4 Health

“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

Have you been searching for a baby steps approach to your new whole foods, plant-based (“WFPB”) lifestyle?

Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start?

We have answers to these questions and more.

There is a solution to the obesity and chronic illness epidemic. It is a whole foods, plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Here is some info to help guide you:

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Was there a time you experienced feeling great physically, and you want to get back to feeling that way?

Have you been on a journey of health and wellness, yet you’re finding out more about chronic illness, heart disease and diabetes prevention that’s causing you to search for even more information and support?

Search no more!

Whether you’ve heard of the miraculous outcomes that doctors like and Neal Barnard M.D., Caldwell Esselstyn M.D., Joel Fuhrman M.D., and Dean Ornish M.D. have been helping their patients create, or not …


We have the easiest way to learn the information to support you to shift your habits to ones that will make you feel great and improve your health.

Just 1 Thing (at a time) for Health is a simple way for you to learn from 30+ leading doctors regarding what they urge their patients to do to change their lifestyle for health! These doctors are helping their patients get the most amazing health outcomes.

Once a week, you will be invited and challenged to learn about one simple topic these doctors consider important for preventing and reversing the leading chronic disease killers.

What if, with “Just 1 Thing 4 Health“, over the next few months you too may be able to enjoy changes in your health, your blood pressure, your prescriptions, your weight?

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“…Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

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“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

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