Great News!

There is a solution to the worsening chronic disease epidemic!

The solution goes back to the father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates of Kos, born in 460 A.D. in Ancient Greece. We frequently quote him as saying: “Let Food be thy medicine”. Doctors also know him as the author of the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ they promise to uphold.

We have tens of thousands of valid scientific, medical, peer-reviewed, unbiased, cutting-edge research studies as evidence demonstrating the healing power of food. They prove that Hippocrates of Kos was right!

Some foods prevent and even reverse chronic diseases. Other foods help cause them. The question becomes; which are you eating?

The top 15 chronic diseases are shown to be reversible with a lifestyle changes centered on food, not ‘food-like substances’. These diseases include cardio vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers.

‘Food-like substances’ are the chemical rich processed foods, stripped of their natural nutrients; meats, sugar rich, foods cooked in oils and animal fats, and include all those outlined by the World Health Organization as a “class 1 carcinogen”, having cancer-causing potential.

We will help you find tasty, enjoyable alternatives so you can stay in good health or reclaim your health, for many, many years to come.

Use and our signature program, “Just 1 Thing 4 Health” as your resource to help you change your lifestyle with the guidance of leading-edge doctors who are helping their patients reverse these diseases at all stages of progression of the disease. There are numerous stories about:

  • Permanent weight loss
  • Downsizing or eliminating pharmaceuticals
  • Freedom from type 2 diabetes
  • Patients who avoided heart surgery
  • Even stories of preventing some cancers
  • And much more

We will help feed your curiosity about the lifestyle, help you commit to making the lifestyle changes and provide you with a baby steps program to help you break the habits you have practiced over the decades. We will support you to permanently change your health and vitality.

 “The reason you don’t wait until you have heart disease to eat this way is often, sadly, the first symptom of your heart disease may be your sudden death.”
–Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
the book that inspired millions of people to change their lives.
For reviews information and statistics, visit our Research Page.

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