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Dietary Guidelines Go Mainstream

In 2015, for the first time in modern industrial agriculture, the government may advise Americans to take most red meat off the table. The possibility has ignited heated front page debates, heavy lobbying in Washington, and a 30-day extension for public comment. CLICK HERE to read the guidelines

Many of us have never been quite aware of the legislation, much less ready to forage through fields of federal commentary.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, developed jointly by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture, have been published every five years since 1995. A federal advisory committee releases recommendations early each year and then opens a forum for public comment. Ultimately, each new of set of Guidelines forms the basis of all federal food, nutrition education, and information programs over the next five years.

As Fox News proclaims “The Return of the Egg,” CNN, CBS, and Time Magazine are not far behind. Each cast their own opinions, backed by their own pundits, on how Americans will digest federal advice to cut meat, add veggies, and stop worrying about big bad cholesterol scares.

Google any one of them for the latest, or check out a fairly well balanced overview in the Pittsburgh Post-Gasette: