Program Details Just 1 Thing (at a time) 4 Health


The subscription consists of a series of emails, delivered to subscriber members weekly, (Saturday), inviting the subscribers to learn about “Just 1 Thing” the Featured Doctor believes is important to preventing and reversing chronic disease. The doctor will invite the reader to start a new habit that will shift their eating habits to the ones that medical science is proving will prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

    • All topics are congruent with the principles of a whole-foods, plant based lifestyle.
  • All topics are hosted by board-certified doctors, our Featured Doctors.

Components of Weekly Emails:

    • A 3- to 5-minute video on the preferred topic of the Featured Doctor
    • Information, and links to additional information regarding the specific topic, that empowers readers to change “Just 1 Thing” in their eating habits
    • Featured Doctor’s Bio with their clinical work and specialties outlined
    • Featured Doctor’s picture
    • Testimonials by the Featured Doctor’s patients
    • Success stories of the Featured Doctor’s patients or others
    • Featured Doctor’s favorite recipes
    • Featured Doctor’s favorite tips regarding creating new habits
    • Featured Doctor’s favorite relevant supporting evidence-based reference material
    • Invitation to join the Featured Doctor’s email list, blog, newsletter, etc., and gifts, if applicable
    • Links to the Featured Doctor’s professional website
    • Links to the Featured Doctor’s relevant upcoming events
  • Other information relevant to the topic provided by the Just 1 Thing project producers

Components of the Featured Doctor’s Video

    • 3- to 5-minutes of video footage on the subject matter, showcasing the Featured Doctor and their expertise on the preferred topic
    • Topic introduction with a hook for the viewer to get engaged
    • A brief self-introduction (there is an entire section in the email for more in-depth information and an invitation to engage with you)
    • Why you’re passionate about the plant-based lifestyle and what got you hooked
    • Explanations of why you, the Featured Doctor believe the topic to be important
       The what, why and how of the topic
       The scientific research on the topic
    • Your audience Just 1 Thing Change Challenge, inviting a specific change in eating habits (i.e. eat steel cut oats for breakfast with …..)
       What the new habit will look like, (i.e. how to find more fiber, eat steel cut oats for breakfast)
       What probable benefits the new habit will create in how the viewer will feel and the impact on their body, perhaps including references to relevant studies (links also provided in the body of the email)
    • A brief story or two about patient cases
    • An invitation to engage with the resources provided in the email
  • Conclusion, reiterate the simple challenge to change the habit and to work with an accountability partner to produce the results that are possible

Other Resources

    • Featured Doctors are asked to provide links to other subject matter videos they are aware of (hosted on, Ted Talks, expert sites and other sources) specifically regarding the featured topic
    • Link to an in-depth video of the Featured Doctor
      • Documentaries
      • Research by the host and other experts
      • Books by the host and other experts
      • Articles by the host and other experts
  • Organizations for education and support

Featured Doctor’s Profile

  • May be brief bio with links to information hosted on other platforms including websites and social media
  • May include a headshot photo
  • Personal Practice logo
  • Contact information for appointments

If there is more that you would like for us to share about you and your work, please inquire. We want to feature you as prominantly as possible, so your input is valuable.

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