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Hippocrates Docs is a united voice of doctors who are passionate about their patients’ health. We understand the solution for our worsening chronic disease epidemic is a Whole Foods, Plant Based (WFPB) no sugar, salt and oil added lifestyle.

We are dedicated to:


1] Introducing individuals to the powerful benefits of this lifestyle and to providing support on the journey to a new, healthy, happy life.

2] Supporting doctors who have not yet embraced all the scientific, peer-reviewed, unbiased studies proving that the solution is in a whole-foods, plant based diet and lifestyle.

By uniting your voices, the doctors who have been healing patients of their chronic diseases, along with the Health and Wellness Practitioners who work to support their efforts, Hippocrates Docs will help get this message out so that everyone knows there are choices that actually do work and there are doctors and caring health practitioners who understand and can help, and provide the resources to make it easy to shift to a whole-plant healthy lifestyle.

We ask the question – “what would Hippocrates of Kos, father of Western Medicine, want us to do”? He is frequently quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine”. He also authored the Hippocratic Oath that includes the promise to do no harm. All doctors take this oath, yet, until recently, no medical school offered a single class on nutrition.

We at Hippocrates Docs have made it our mission to embrace this directive and help implement it. We believe that most physicians understand that food consumption is fundamental to our well-being—or to the lack thereof. Unfortunately, our current health-care systems have created an environment that does not support doctors in prescribing nutrition-based solutions. Doctors are often not even allowed enough time to motivate patients to change their lifestyles.

That’s where we come in. Hippocrates Docs is a resource physicians can use with confidence to support patients in making nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our cornerstone offering is a baby-steps approach to changing habits and lifestyle Just 1 Thing at a time featuring 30+ different doctors who support their patients in preventing and reversing chronic disease.

For decades medical doctors and researchers have discovered evidence of both healing and damaging powers of specific foods. Our program is dedicated to exploring and celebrating this very important work.

We live in an amazing time, in a swiftly changing culture where food is being remembered for its power not only to nourish but to heal. We celebrate the global movement to reclaim our personal power and choose lifestyles that nurture wellness.

Greg Feinsinger, M.D. Medical Advisor

Dr. Feinsinger, a graduate of University of Colorado School of Medicine , retired in 2015 after 42 years as a family practitioner in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Founder of Glenwood Medical Associates Center for Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention. A few years ago he transformed his own health through a nutrition regimen based on T. Colin Campbell’s groundbreaking book, The China Study. Today, he is educating communities on the benefits of our plant-based food program and offering individual heart healthy consultations.

Peter Goldstein, Co-Founder

Peter Goldstein is a former CEO of technology and software systems and a lifelong advocate of personal power and conscious business practices. Over the past ten years he’s been tracking a mounting body of evidence that demonstrates that we can save as much as 75 percent of healthcare costs in the U.S. and eliminate the associated human pain and suffering by simply changing food based lifestyle. This is a savings of nearly $3 TRILLION / year or over 10% of our GDP and untold amounts of pain and suffering. As a new grandfather, the other startling statistic that inspires his work is the one that, for the first time in history, projects a shorter life spans for children born today than those of their parents! Peter is dedicated to changing that calculation during his own tenure on the planet.

V. Lynn Hawkins, Partner and Program Technical Director

A retired 18-year veteran fitness professional and 30 year health and wellness advocate, Lynn has transitioned from an executive career in commercial real estate lending into business and strategy development. Passionate about  helping organizations grow rapidly and sustainably, Lynn has mastered utilizing the digital platforms of this age to expand and deliver messages of importance, like this along with related services both locally and digitally throughout the global marketplace. She regards Hippocrates Docs as an integral part of the next step in nutritional intervention to reverse and prevent chronic illness and a step up from the focus on physical therapy to a needed nutritional education therapy.

“Food is our medicine. We just have to claim it, savor it, and learn the truth about its power to restore the natural order of our bodies.”


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  1. Hello!
    I recently met Peter Goldstein at the Aspen Business Luncheon featuring Dr Joel Fuhrman as the speaker. It’s great to see your site and learn more about the group.


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