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Dr. Chris Miller Interviews Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”


Hippocrates Docs’ Just 1 Thing 4 Health is proud to present one of the most well known and celebrated physicians in the field of prevention and reversal of disease, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, being interviewed by Dr. Chris Miller, while in Aspen, CO for his Annual Ski Retreat. Together they bring you information and strategies to create your own success in living a long, healthy, active, and vibrant life on a diet of dense nutritional value, shown to have made a significant impact in preventing, reversing and curing chronic illness and disease over decades.

Dr. Fuhrman says if you’re looking, the Nutritarian Diet should be the gold standard in dietary portfolios to extend your life, have the most positive effect in reversing disease, and should be the diet to look at.

Featured Doctor:    Dr. Chris Miller Interviews Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Christina Miller, a practicing integrative medicine physician in Aspen Colorado found herself diagnosed with lupus and after a year of suffering and worsening symptoms, she began a journey to find healing physically and spiritually. When her doctors could not control her aggressive disease, she took control of her illness and found her ultimate medicine was a whole foods plant-based diet and the teachings of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, among others. The journey through her illness to her healing has now changed her career, life and how she is teaching others the power of what is on the end of your fork.

Together, Dr. Miller and Dr. Joel Fuhrman bring you information and strategies to create your own success in living a long, healthy, active, and vibrant life on what Dr. Fuhrman has coined, the “Nutritarian” diet. This diet of dense nutritional value is shown to have made a significant positive impact on chronic illness and disease over decades. Watch to hear what they discuss during this amazing interview.

We’ve also brought you a Just 1 Thing 4 Health Challenge, which is … Go All In, 100% with a diet rich in nutritionally dense foods.

Hundreds of thousands of results and decades of data prove this type of diet has worked and continues to work. Dr. Fuhrman says, “the science we need to pay attention to is the long-term data.”

Watch and enjoy!

The Nutritarian Diet has been shown to change the lives of so many individuals, adults and children that Just 1 Thing 4 Health has committed to using Dr. Fuhrman’s materials as some of our top tier ‘go-to’ resources as we support our members on their journey to vibrant health.

The science is straight forward and always says the same thing. The science to pay attention to is the long-term data and not the newest fad. When you eat a diet nutritionally rich, you don’t feel like you have to overeat and you don’t have the toxic build-up of waste in your body, that’s driving you to feel sickly and fatigued.

Just 1 Thing 4 Health’s Challenge to you:

Go All In, 100% with a diet rich in nutrient dense foods. Eating a diet with high fiber intake; salads, vegetables, beans, soups, stews, fruits, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, onions, all the full spectrum of high nutrient plant foods, will help you feel satisfied and comfortable you’re eating the right foods and the right amount of food.

If you want to learn more about how to live a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle and get the support you need, stay plugged in right here at Just 1 Thing 4 Health.

Be sure to read the highlights of related ARTICLES we’ve gathered below. They are the science, research and other published medical articles on the subject. Also, don’t miss the RECIPES for Delicious Dishes!


Watch the Dr. Chris Miller Interview Video and find out more about our Featured Doctor and what she shares about Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet and Going All In, 100% for your health and wellness…

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To assist you on your journey, here are some easy to follow steps to help you meet This Week’s Challenge:

Here are some Tips to help create success for you this week:

As people are trying to get healthy, one of the hardest things is knowing how to get started. Start by following a Nutritarian Diet.

1. Eat a nutritionally rich diet. You won’t feel like you have to over eat and you don’t have the toxic build-up of waste in your body that can drive you to feel sickly and fatigued.

2. Eat a high fiber diet of salads, vegetables, beans, soups, stews, fruits, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, onions, all the full spectrum of high nutrient plant foods, we’re able to really feel satisfied and feeling comfortable the right amount of food is the amount.

The Nutritarian Diet is one proven to extend your life and have the most positive effect in reversing disease.

Dr. Miller’s Favorites:

-Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Dr. Fuhrman’s diet and lifestyle instructions and his work in the area of lifestyle medicine have been instrumental in helping Dr. Miller be cured of Lupus.

Stated eloquently by Kris Carr, cancer thriver and author of Crazy, Sexy Diet: “My wake-up call taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner GPS, brought me back to nature (my church), the garden, and the people and animals who set my heart ablaze. I learned that a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet is superior, the standard American diet kills, juice ROCKS, smoothies RULE, stress sucks (all life force), exercise is non-negotiable, joy is utterly contagious, and having fun MUST be taken seriously.”

-The End of Dieting, Eat to Live, and Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Furhman
-How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger, which has an associated cookbook and the downloadable app.

-Forks Over Knives that has an associated cookbook and a lot of free recipes.

-The Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr. Joe Furhman
-Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide.
You have the power to protect your health and prevent disease if you’re willing to learn about and embrace a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle. Use this link to get your Quick Start Guide.

-Eat and Live Healthily
-Healthy Human Revolution Podcast – Dr. Laurie Marbas Interview
This in-depth interview reveals much about the journey to healing, wellness and doing the work that Dr. Miller now focuses on.
-Hippocrates Docs

The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

Honoring the 7 Original Heroes
of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement

Honoring Those Who Continue to Lead the Way…

We are honored to join forces with these Original 7 and every other doctor who is a part of the Movement to bring a greater level of awareness, health and wellness to adults, children, pets, animals and the planet.

Enjoy what we’ve put together honoring the 7 Original Heroes of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

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Our Hero of the Movement:  Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Physician, Author, Speaker, President of the Nutritional Research Foundation

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a US-based celebrity physician advocating for the micronutrient-rich diet. Hish practice is based on a nutrition-based approach to obesity and chronic disease, also known as a nutritarian or restrictive diet. He has written several books promoting his dietary approaches and runs his own line of nutrition-related products; including his book, Eat to Live, that was on the New York Times bestseller paperback list for 90 weeks. Written to assist everyday Americans improve their blood pressure, cholesterol, and much more, Dr. Fuhrman’s six-week plan demonstrates that foods high in nutrients and low in calories allow people to feel fuller for longer.

A vegetarian, vegan, low-salt, low-fat and gluten-free diet, Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet unleashes the body’s ability to heal, achieve optimal weight and slow the ageing process. Dr. Fuhrman is currently promoting his newest book, The End of Dieting, and he advocates to go all in, 100% to obtain the best effect.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Fuhrman has helped countless Americans achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse heart disease, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. Using smart nutrition, his medical practice, books and television specials, he continues to share his life-saving message with hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

We are very excited …

The Hippocrates Docs: Just 1 Thing 4 Health Program is proud to announce that we’ve selected Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” book and other resources as our J1T4H Go-To-Resources’ to help you start your journey to a WFPB Diet and Lifestyle.

If you’ve been on your journey, doing the ‘stop and start’ dance, or the falling on and off the wagon, be encouraged! We have the support and resources for you as you continue your journey and realize the success you seek. Participation in your own health and wellness begins with knowing that with a little help, you can be hugely successful.

There is a solution to the worsening chronic disease epidemic!

It’s a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle. You don’t have to do it alone and we do encourage you to ‘Go All In, 100%’…“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

Remembering that your health must be your priority, J1T4H does not practice or prescribe medicine or medical advice. We provide support on your journey and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before making any changes to medications, and work with your doctor as you progress on your journey.


Here you will find the articles and news that supports the positive progression of the Whole Food Plant-Based Movement. The Hippocrates Docs Family of Doctors and Practitioners who advocate for this way of eating and lifestyle are glad to bring this to you, their family, friends, patients, and the world.

While we celebrate the progress of the work, we celebrate YOU! Enjoy this month’s curation of articles and information.

**Unilever Acquires ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’ In Bid To Tap Into Vegan Market
Unilever has acquired Dutch brand The Vegetarian Butcher in a bid to add more vegan products to its portfolio. The Vegetarian Butcher was founded by former cattle farmer Jaap Korteweg who will remain involved in the manufacturer of plant foods following the takeover. Korteweg told Dutch media that Unilever’s acquisition of the brand means the products will be able to reach more people; they are currently sold in 17 countries, Unilever is active in 190. The company’s products include vegan chicken chunks, burger, and mince among others.

**Dairy Talks Season 1 – Why Olympic Athletes Are Ditching Dairy
Everyone has their own reasons for ditching dairy. Switch4Good’s core group of elite athletes and doctors share why they made the switch and about the detriments of dairy on one’s health in addition to the lifelong benefits of eating dairy-free.

**First Vegan Farmers Market Set To Open In London
Plant Based Events has announced that the U.K. capital’s very first fully vegan farmers market would take place in Portobello on March 10th.

**Heather Mills To Create 300 Jobs As Major New Vegan Factory Poised To Open
The entrepreneur, athlete, and vegan advocate recently purchased an old Walkers Crisps factory in the North East – and has revealed that operations will start soon.

**Texas Hunter Goes Vegan – And Hosts Plant-Based Dinner Parties For Hunters
A fourth-generation hunter turned vegan now speaks up for animals instead of killing them and decided to personally challenge other hunters to go plant-based by inviting them to his home for ‘Hunters Dine Vegan’ dinners. Texan Jack Castle used to travel the world hunting big games and birds with his father -who owned cattle and fishing farms. Now he devotes his time to advocacy, promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, speaking up for animals, and putting 900-acre Colorado property into conservation.

Celebrate with us as we join you on your journey to health and wellness. Now is your chance to be a bigger part of the ripple effect being created.
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Tips from the Kitchen

-Deliciousness from the Kitchen

**Apple Pie Oatmeal

This apple-packed, cinnamon-flavored oatmeal will make you feel like you’re eating apple pie for breakfast.


-Need a Recipe for a Tasty Dish? Try this Condiment Full of Deliciousness!

**5 Ways to Cook and Prepare Ripe Plantains

As well as being a delicious and multi-talented fruit, plantains are also surprisingly nutritious. One cup of cooked plantains provides 36% of the recommended daily value for vitamins A and C, 27% for potassium (plantains are one of the most potassium-rich foods on the planet!), 24% for vitamin B6 and 16% for magnesium.


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Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research, recipes and other resources and stories that will support you on your journey:

**Efficacy of a Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Diet as Monotherapy in Psoriasis
Marigloria Maldonado-Puebla, Alexandra Price, Adrianna Gonzalez, Joel Fuhrman, Anna Nichols
Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease associated with many comorbidities, including obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. The efficacy of this anti-inflammatory diet may lie in the overall reduction of the systemic inflammatory state associated with psoriasis.

** Treatment and Remission of Symptoms in Type 1 Diabetes with a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) Diet: Case Studies
Patients with T1D may be able to reduce insulin requirements and achieve better glycemic control if practicing dietary methods to increase plant fibers and micronutrient density, and decrease glycemic load.

**Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance on a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) DietA Survey Study
Weight loss and maintenance for a period of 3 years was observed in this self-selected group, and respondents who reported 80-100% adherence lost significantly more weight than those who reported 50-79% adherence to NDPR guidelines.

** kNOw Dieting, Risks and Reasons to Stop
95% of all dieters regain their lost weight and more within 1 to 5 years. ∗ Dieting can be dangerous: “Yo-yo” dieting (repetitive cycles of gaining, losing, & regaining weight) has been shown to have negative health effects, including increased risk of heart disease, long-lasting negative impacts on metabolism, etc.


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