MHMP! Facilitator – Marjorie Leon

Marjorie Leon

MARJORIE LEON has been engaged in the nutrition front for over 8 years, teaching online and in local colleges. She teaches Plant Based Nutrition, Overcoming Emotional and Binge Eating, Eating to Beat Heart Disease and Diabetes, in addition to Cooking with Whole Foods. She has appeared on both local television and radio for several years, showing how easy it can be to adopt a Whole Foods, Plant Based diet creating the healthiest lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Marjorie holds a Master’s degree in psychology. She is a Doctoral Candidate, in process to completing the doctoral thesis on the topic of Cognition and Obesity in Women. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition through eCornell and has completed the Forks Over Knives cooking certification in Plant Based Cuisine. She has studied under Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. John McDougall and others.

Marjorie is a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, studying under Dr. Bj. Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips. She has personally coached hundreds of people in creating and sustaining new Tiny behaviors surrounding health and productivity.

Personally, Marjorie has a powerful story about how a loss in the family jolted her so much that when she woke up, she was 40 lbs overweight, with high blood pressure, and if she had listened to her doctors, she could have been on medications for the rest of her life.

Watch her story here:

Marjorie has 3 children, 2 grandbabies, she loves dogs, being in the water and being outdoors. She loves classic cars and old movies. And uses far too may emojis in her communications to her students. That's only one of her superpowers.   🙂

She is also an amazing Certified Facilitator of the My Health, My Priority! 12-Weeks to Wellness Program. See below to find out if this is a program for you and enroll in Marjorie's next group.

Are you ready to upgrade your health, changing your eating to change your life?

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This Program helps make it easier for you to be more successful in implementing the simple lifestyle that medical research has proven our bodies need for health and longevity.

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You can do this and change habits and behaviors for your lifetime.

Give yourself the gift of life and I would love to help you do that. As a Tiny Habits Coach and Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell, I stand ready to help you on the journey.

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We are a part of the Whole Foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement and the My Health, My Priority! Educational and Experiential 12-Weeks to Wellness Program is our way of helping to move the needle. Your making improvements in your health using Food as Medicine is our mission.


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