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Dr. Stephen Kaufman on Mindfulness, Respect and Compassion

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“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”


Featured Doctor:   Stephen Kaufman, MD

Dr. Stephen Kaufman is a board-certified ophthalmologist from Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the retina and vitreous. Dr. Kaufman has been actively involved in medical education and is an avid supporter of whole foods, plant-based lifestyle education leading to healthier, happier individuals, families, animals and our planet. He is also an advocate of animal protectionism.

Have you found that many people you care about resist rather than support your new beliefs and lifestyle. Here are 5 suggestions that can help get their support. The overriding message is that we always be mindful, respectful and compassionate.

Have you found that many people you care about resist
rather than support your new beliefs and lifestyle?

Learn more from Dr. Kaufman and watch the replay of the Physicians On Call – Challenge Empowerment Inte3rview.

Dr. Kaufman’s Challenge to You: “Always be Mindful, Respectul and Compassionate”

Getting others to support you on your journey to change your eating habits can be a challenge in itself. It can, however, be helpful so you can remain conscious about your eating habits and eat what is best for your body. In this video, Dr. Kaufman offers 5 suggestions that can help get their support. The overriding message is that we should always be mindful, respectful and compassionate.

When people see you enjoying the benefits of plant-based eating, they might just want to join you. However, if they are resistant, be mindful, respectful and compassionate.

‘Good For You’ for pursuing a whole foods plant-based diet. It’s good for your body, for animals, for the environment, and for the world in general. When showing change around our family and friends, remember to be Mindful, Respectful and Compassionate.

Here are 5 things that will help:

  1. Criticism we may receive about our decision to change our eating habits isn’t always about us. It’s more about that person and their own choices.
  2. Be mindful that our diets can make things more difficult when others are making foods. Offer to make your own, or make a dish to bring and share.
  3. Our desire that others enjoy good health can create conflict. Use ‘I’ statements vs statements or questions that put people on the spot.
  4. Avoid being too aggressive when it comes to promoting a whole food, plant-based diet with family.
  5. Avoid the temptation of attributing motives to another person’s behavior. It is never productive.

Remember, “When people see you enjoying the benefits of plant-based eating, they might just want to join you. However, if they are resistant, be mindful, respectful and compassionate.” -Stephen Kaufman, MD

Here are some of Dr. Kaufman’s personal favorite resources:

1. Biggest Challenge Tip: Use the 5 thing Dr. Kaufman expressed in this video and observe how things change.

2. Favorite plant-based recipes: Some of Dr. Kaufman’s favorite vegan recipes are in a handout that can be found at https://www.all-creatures.org/cva/tasty-veg-recipes.pdf. Two of his favorites are Hearty Lentil-Barley Soup and Curried Garbanzo Beans.

There are thousands of great vegan recipes at: https://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html

3. Great Videos on DVD to Watch: Instead of a movie, Dr. Kaufman recommends the book Living Among Meat Eaters by Carol J. Adams. It’s informative and convincing. Read it and assess it. Give us your feedback in the Facebook Grou.

4. Favorite Books: To get more of the information you can use to increase your knowledge and confidence, there are many great books as resources. Two of Dr. Kaufman’s favorite resources are books:
1. Food for Life by Neal Barnard, M.D., and
2. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

… and of course he highly recommends that you keep your Subscription active and participate in the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Program.

The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

Featured Hero:   Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn 

Dr. Esselstyn promotes a diet designed to prevent coronary disease and cardiovascular disease. The diet excludes all animal products and oils, and prioritizes foods such as fruits, vegetables, pasta and cruciferous vegetables.

He was one of the doctors featured in the 2011 documentary Forks Over Knives.

Among other things, Dr. Esselstyn is adamant about sharing the knowledge that all cardiovascular interventional procedures carry considerable risk of morbidity, including new heart attacks, strokes, infections, and, for some, an inevitable loss of cognition. By contrast, the benefits of a plant-based diet actually grow with time. The longer you follow it, the healthier you will be.

–> Click Here to Read More 

In the News

1] Plant-Based Dr. Neal Barnard Leads ‘Break Up With Bacon’ Campaign… 
More than 12,000 doctors are behind the initiative. Plant-based physicians led by Dr.Neal Barnard have launched a campaign in Washington urging people to Break Up With Bacon to prevent colon cancer.The initiative, sponsored by the Physicians Committee (PCRM), a nonprofit with 12,000 doctor members, features bus adverts as well as additional print, radio and TV ads appearing throughout September and October 2018.
2] Global Meat Giant Tyson Foods ‘Unsatisfied’ With Sales Results … 
The company says trade disputes are ‘threatening its pork and chicken businesses’. ‘Unsatisfied’ with its quarterly results, according to reports, executives from the company warned that ongoing trade disputes were threatening the company’s pork and chicken businesses, with countries including China importing less pork as a result of tariffs on American shipments. The reduced imports have led to the US stockpiling its oversupply, as reducing domestic prices for pork and beef, leading to less demand for chicken.
3] 97-Year-Old Explains Why She ‘Won’t Go Back’ To Eating Animals…

The grandmother switched to a plant-based diet when she was 95. Advocate Anne Evers, who celebrated her 97th birthday earlier this Summer, ditched animal products after watching pro-vegan documentary What the Health. Since then the Ohio resident has gained more than 18,000 Instagram followers, as well as media attention, as she speaks out about her lifestyle, famously saying the only way to protest the treatment of farmed animals is to stop eating them.’Never go back’

… In a recent interview with The Standard, Evers – who says she feels ‘wonderful’ as a result of her diet – listed some of the benefits of plant-based eating. “I have more energy, I feel lighter and less inflamed, my skin is more clear and I’m moving around better. I definitely think it’s keeping me healthier as I age,” she told the paper.She also discussed the environmental and ethical benefits of veganism, talking about the harmful emissions and animal agriculture as well as the social perceptions that make many people love their companion animals but eat others. “I want the future generations to have a healthy planet and after learning about the impact animal agriculture has, I felt it was my duty to adopt a vegan diet and encourage others to as well.”

4] Ultra Athlete annunces changing to a plant-based lifestyle and what it means for him. … 
A nice Top Ten list by ultra athlete Rich Roll.  What are your reasons for changing to a plant based lifestyle?

5] Beef, Eggs, And Dairy Are Seeing Massive Price Drops… Animal-based products have seen the longest period of deflation in 60 years. Foods such as beef, eggs, and dairy have seen serious price drops over the course of 2016 and 2017 in the U.S. Economists attribute the price drop to consumers’ decision to cut back on meat, among other reasons like the falling costs of energy and transportation. From 2015 to 2016, the price of eggs has seen a 29 percent downturn, while the cost of fruits and vegetables are slowly growing.

Celebrate with us as we celebrate with you being on this journey to health and wellness. Now is your chance to be a bigger part of the ripple effect we are seeing be created.

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Tips from the Kitchen

-Deliciousness from the Kitchen
Sweet tooth?  Short on time?  This is a winning recipe to get your fix.  5 Ingredients. 5 Minutes. Check out Plantiful Wellness online for wonderful recipes like this one!

Click this link or the Image and check out the recipe details

-Need a Recipe for a Tasty Dish? Here’s something that’s Tastes Super Delicious!
Fresh, crunchy and delicious!  This cole slaw is sure to please your taste buds!  And it’s great for your body.
Try this easy recipe for an afternoon delight.


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Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research and stories that will impact you:
Dr. Greger cuts through the nonsense and offers scientific advice on how to protect our health.  See what he has to say about how to avoid cancer in this short video.
Although some may call it a “trend,”  people are realizing that the way to better health, less animal suffering and better care of our environment means changing what we eat.  In the news, stats on how the plant based market is growing!
Here is four minutes of the beautiful Alicia Silverstone on what happened to her when she changed her lifestyle.  It will make you smile!
What diet should physicians recommend?  Let’s ask Dr. Greger!
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!! Veggies and their impact on mood. It’s all good!
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From all of us at Hippocrates Docs, on behalf of Just 1 Thing 4 Health,
have a great week and remember your Challenge for this week is to:

“Be Mindful, Respectful and Compassionate”



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