William Goldstein and Colon Cancer


In Memory of William Goldstein

Words cannot describe what a wonderful man William Goldstein was. (We will try)

My family and I were all robbed of his presence after he suffered for 2 years with colon cancer. Colon cancer is the number 2 cancer killer, right behind lung cancer. As with lung cancer, the medical research undeniably links colon cancer to lifestyle causes. For lung cancer, it’s cause is cigarette smoking; while colon cancer is linked to food, primarily eating meat.

We lost a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, a fun and loving man. In honor of his memory and to help prevent others from suffering such a needless death, we make a contribution.

In Loving Memory, Peter Goldstein and Family

Won’t you consider making a contribution to help prevent others from suffering a similar fate, or in the memory of someone you loved who passed away from a disease that may have been prevented.

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