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[] Whole grains are heart healthy, full of nutrients and fiber and easy to make. Here’s a cooking guide to help you cook them.  Maybe you can try something new? 

[] Watch out Cowboys! 
Famous heart doc opens a vegan food truck in Austin, Texas!

[] Lutein and Inflammation – News to help you heal your body.

[] We know that colorful veggies are good for us.  Here are 5 Scientifically proven health benefits associated with carotenoids.

[] Nutrition Bites – Carotenoid intake is associated with lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

[] Lowering risk of Breast Cancer with carotenoids and Vitamin C.

[] What happens when we supplement with these powerful carotenoids?  Listen as Dr. Greger shares the research on this topic.

[] A new documentary film soon to be released highlights a plant based diet!

[] BOSH! teams up with the fabulous Derek Sarno to create a vegan Christmas feast!
How wonderful is this?

[] Lutein and Inflammation – News to help you heal your body.

[] We know that colorful veggies are good for us.  Here are 5 Scientifically proven health benefits associated with carotenoids.

[] Nutrition Bites – Carotenoid intake is associated with lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

[] Lowering risk of Breast Cancer with carotenoids and Vitamin C.

[] What happens when we supplement with these powerful carotenoids?  Listen as Dr. Greger shares the research on this topic.

[] A new documentary film soon to be released highlights a plant based diet!

[] Is Veganism the Secret to Happiness? The ‘Happiest Man in the World’ Says So…
Happiness is a concept that’s been considered by philosophers for thousands of years. Plato addressed it in his philosophical dialogues, and Aristotle considered it to be the goal of human thought and action. Now Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, who is considered to be the scientifically “happiest man in the world”, says that the key to happiness is veganism. Just how did he get his “happiest man” moniker?

He participated in a 12-year study where MRI scans revealed that his brain had the highest level of gamma waves that had ever been discovered in scientific studies. Since gamma waves are associated with happiness and feeling blessed, he earned his nickname.

He isn’t eager to keep his happiness to himself, though. Ricard recommends cultivating more benevolent relationships, developing a cluster of positive inner qualities, focusing on the intrinsic value of stuff, getting out in nature, and teaching yourself to meditate to increase your own levels of happiness. That’s in addition to going vegan, of course.

[] Icelandic Exhibition Still Features Country’s Last McDonald’s Burger…
9 Years After Last Outlet Shut Down, aA burger bought from McDonald’s last Icelandic outlet the day before it shut is still being exhibited in the country.

The burger and fries – still in their original wrapping – spent some years in the country’s national museum. The items were moved to the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik in 2015. A real-time webcam documents the food for worldwide fans to watch for any signs of decay.

[] ‘Vegan Market Is Just Getting Started’ Says Food Industry Report…
Michele Simon, Executive Director of PBFA said, “The plant-based foods industry has gone from being a relatively niche market to fully mainstream.

“Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives are not just for vegetarians or vegans anymore; now even mainstream consumers are enjoying these delicious and innovative options in the market today.

“The new data confirms what we are hearing and seeing every day from our members: sales are up, investment is increasing, and new jobs are being created in the plant-based foods industry.”

[] Top 5 Non-Food, Lifestyle Factors That Destroy Quality of Life…
Beyond endlessly stuffing our mouths with the standard American diet, these are some of the top non-nutrition factors that are ruining the quality of our lives. Have you considered these factors, and if so, how are you dealing with them?

  1. We don’t sleep.
  2. We don’t move our bodies enough
  3. We live in a world of increasing isolation and loneliness seemingly devoid of meaningful communities.
  4. We aren’t connected with nature anymore.
  5. We are addicts.

Read more to get some tips on how to make some simple changes in your life for a happier, healthier you!

[] Mindful Eating for Balance…
Master the art of ‘Mindful Eating’ to help you live a more balanced, fulfilled life.

Why is it important to strive for a balanced life? The costs associated with reduced quality of life and well-being can be high. When quality of life and well-being are absent, stress is likely to manifest and remain present for quite some time. Untreated chronic stress can lead to inflammation and a number of health-related conditions. In addition, stress can exacerbate many common illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. It is estimated that as many as 75-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints, adding up to an annual bill of more than $300 billion.

[] Food Should Have Environmental Impact Labels, Says Scientist…
Oxford University scientist Joseph Poore, believes having foods labeled would help mitigate the huge planetary cost of our food system.

Food should come with mandatory labeling about its environmental impact, says Poore writing for The Guardian. He points out that electrical appliances come with this information under law. So why not food…

[] Is Sugary Fruit Healthy?
We all know that fruit contains valuable nutrients (e.g. vitamin C), but most of the calories in fruit come from carbohydrates—specifically sugar. This sugar, however, is different than processed sugar and the body uses sugar and carbohydrates from fruit, naturally, the way the body was built for.

While most fruit contains a mixture of different sugars, a major sugar in fruit is fructose. You may have heard of fructose in soda and other processed foods (e.g. high fructose corn syrup), which can be detrimental to human health. In its natural state, the body will use fructose as it is intended and it can easily break it down for what the body requires to be and stay healthy.

So for those interested in health, should we eat fruit, be cautious, or avoid it? The simple answer is eat fruit! Read more to find out about the benefits of eating whole fruit.

[] The PURE Study’s Conclusions on Fats and Carbs Are Misleading…
The PURE articles appeared simultaneously in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and suggested that high carbohydrate, lower fat diets were associated with ill health and early death. But before we shun legumes for fried chicken, let’s look at the study, its design and its findings.

Although the study was a huge undertaking, there are several issues deserving closer scrutiny. First is the fact that there was huge economic variation within the cohorts. Second is the fact that it fails to assess the quality of the carbohydrates being consumed. As we know, not all carbohydrates are equal.

In the study, the total intake of carbohydrates was reported, but not the sources of those carbohydrates. Therefore in the PURE study, an individual eating candy and soda would be classified as similar to an individual eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and sweet potatoes.

In short, this study does not overwrite decades of nutritional research. When media headlines appear too good (or too bad) to be true, they often are! Dietary guidelines will and should remain in favor of healthful carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

[] 5 Tips for Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables…
Fresh produce is part of a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. Storing produce properly is important and easy.

We go to the store and buy delicious-looking food, but then we get home and end up storing it improperly, or we get busy and forget about it. Then we find our refrigerator having the aroma of overripe or rotting fruits and veggies. One way we can spend less and eat healthier is by storing our fresh food properly. Use these tips and to get more healthy life and value out of the fruits you buy.

[] Vegan Alec Baldwin Campaigns Against Aquarium - Citing Animal Welfare…
Alec Baldwin – who has been described as vegan in some reports – is urging Oyster Bay officials to block proposals by SeaQuest Aquarium to open a new location in Westfield Sunrise mall because of animal neglect.

Baldwin worked with vegan charity PETA to write a letter citing animal neglect allegations accrued by the chain. He also rose concerns around ‘enforcement actions taken by a state finance department, a state wildlife agency, a state agriculture department, and local code enforcement – associated with SeaQuest’s owner, Vince Covino, or his other aquariums’.

[] Major International Forum In ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ Focuses On Plant-Based Meat…
The event brings together leaders from the food tech world with the goal of introducing alternative climate-friendly, plant-based products into the China market.

“With rapid rising incomes and increasing meat consumption in China, our aim is to introduce alternative products into the China market to reduce the consumer demand for animal products from the traditional livestock industry, which has had growing negative environmental, food safety and health impact,” said Albert Tseng, co-founder of Dao Foods and Managing Director of Moonspire Social Ventures.

“This is a critical moment for China’s food industry, and we at New Crop Capital believe that Dao Foods is equipped to take advantage of this moment to make climate-friendly foods the norms, not the exception.”

[] Denying The Risks Of Saturated Fat Is Costing Lives…
The ‘fat is back’ brigade got a roasting in a recent Guardian, in an article titled Butter nonsense: the rise of the cholesterol deniers.

This lot, not unlike flat Earthers and climate change deniers, will not listen to the evidence and continue to peddle their scare-stories which scientists now say are costing lives.

In a nutshell, they deny the links between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease.

[] Plant-Based Food Guide: How to Eat Well on a Budget…
Convinced eating a diet rich in whole plant-based foods makes brilliant sense for your personal health, the welfare of animals and for the future of our planet? Now, there are also ways to eliminate any cost concerns.

Eating well on a budget brings up many questions, like: where do you start? How can you make meal preparation easy and delicious? And how in the world can you shop for groceries without straining your wallet?

It can be simpler than you may expect. In fact, armed with a few clever strategies you might just be surprised that you can eat more delectably than ever on a very modest budget. Check out these timely, sensible and budget-friendly tips.

[] 6 Facts about Vitamin K and the Plant-Based Diet..
Vitamin K is a crucial and sometimes forgotten nutrient that’s a must have for us humans. Here’s why!

Just like vitamins A, D, and E, vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin K1 is most important for regulation of blood clotting, while vitamin K2 helps activate proteins and is more important for bone health and for preventing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. disease. Major sources of vitamin K1 include leafy green vegetables (e.g. kale, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, parsley, romaine lettuce) and cruciferous vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage). Asparagus, bok choy, peas, parsley and lentils, as well as some fruits such as prunes, grapes, raspberries, and especially blueberries also contain high amounts of K1.

K2 is obtained from plant-based sources including sauerkraut, tempeh, and kombucha, but their K2 content is inconsistent and will depend on the method of production. There is also some evidence that vitamin K2 consumption is associated with less heart disease and prostate cancer.

Get familiar with the 6 facts and you’ll be ready for the brighter side of life.

[] Whole Food Supplements: Is Juice Plus Good For You?
When medical researchers can say they don’t have any vested interest in whether patients take supplements or not, you have to raise your head. The Center for Nutrition Studies holds to that and as patient advocates, they do have a vested interest in their patients being well informed.

They see it as their job to add the missing perspective [about supplements and more] so that people can see everything a little more clearly and then make a truly well-informed decision.

As it relates to Juice Plus, unfortunately, it is not believed they have provided a full perspective and as a result misled (possibly even unintentionally) many consumers. As a result it is impossible for consumers to make a truly well informed decision. Using Juice Plus as an example of how all supplements and other quick-fix promises of improved health should be approached, there are three major questions to ask, and here, they are being asked about Juice Plus (JP).

One, is JP truly a whole food supplement? Two, even if it is a whole food supplement, how do we know we need it if we are already eating whole foods? And three, even if we prove that adding JP improves certain outcomes, are we sure that taking it won’t hurt us in any way? Read more about the results of this study and what you should know when evaluating other supplements.

[] Scientific Reductionism Detracts from Whole Food, Plant-Based Message…
Since The China Study was first published in 2005, the human health benefits of a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet has become ever more convincing, and many individuals are speaking of this evidence.

These dietary effects are real and substantial, theoretically having the capacity to simultaneously resolve major societal problems, such as restoring personal health, upgrading primary health care services, reducing exorbitant healthcare costs, resolving environmental problems, optimizing animal welfare, and improving school lunch and related public service programs.

The answer is simple. Adopt, as much as possible, the WFPB diet. Or, is it really that simple? If this information on the WFPB dietary lifestyle will ever have a reasonable chance of reaching our larger population, it must be founded on scientific evidence that is fully open for public scrutiny, adequately replicated in the research laboratory, and serving the public good.  It is time to recognize the science that demonstrates the health benefits of whole foods instead of their nutrient parts.

Become more personally informed about how far this movement has come and how the winds of change are moving things quickly and more soundly than ever because people like you and me are seeking these answers.

[] 51% Of US Chefs Added Vegan Menu Items Over The Last Year, Says Study…
Foodable Labs says the shift evidences a plant-based movement ‘in full swing’.

A recent study from food industry insight company Foodable Labs has revealed that 51 percent of US chefs have added vegan options to their menus in the last year alone. The report says chefs are responding to a growing plant-based movement.

The company credits the shift in part to increased interest in plant-based fare – which it says is reflected in and fuelled by social media activity, and a 300 percent increase in ‘consumption of plant-based foods’ within the same time frame.

[] Vegan Campout Sells Out Reflecting Rise Of Plant-Based Living…
More than 5,000 people from 30 countries were on track and attended the event.

Vegan Campout officially sold out ahead of its scheduled event. More than 5,000 people from 30 countries attended the festival, spending two nights camping together at Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire, and watching inspiring figures from the plant-based and vegan worlds.

Headline speakers included grime star JME, top plant-based physician Dr. Neal Barnard, leading advocate and academic Dr. Melanie Joy, and Sea Shephard Captain Peter Hammarstedt. They were joined by vegan MP Kerry McCarthy, fitness YouTuber Hench Herbivore, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, and Reggae star Macka B among others. Watch the video and read the rest of this story that reflects the movement is gaining ground all around the globe.

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Celebrating the Movement!