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Dr. Greg Feinsinger on The Truth About Oils

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Featured Doctor:    Greg Feinsinger, MD

Dr. Greg Feinsinger practiced family medicine in Glenwood Springs, Colorado for over 40 years and during his career was affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Aspen Valley Hospital and Valley View Hospital. He was introduced to the plant-based lifestyle for personal and for patient reasons about a decade ago.

Did you know most people think olive oil and coconut oil are health foods, when in fact, they are unhealthy foods? Avoiding oils in your diet can be easy when you know which oils to avoid and which are good for you. Dr. Feinsinger shares what you need to know to protect your health and the health of your family.

Watch Dr. Feinsinger’s Challenge video to find out the reasons you want to reduce and eliminate oils from your diet. The truth is revealed and supported through the information shared.

Now and throughout his retirement, Dr. Feinsinger’s interests are around the prevention of diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. He still counsels individuals about the health benefits of a plant-based, low fat diet and encourages them to consider this as an important part of their prevention and treatment plan, along with exercise.

Learn more from Dr. Feinsinger and watch the replay of the Physicians On Call – Challenge Empowerment Call                     

Dr. Feinsinger’s Challenge to You:
“Avoid any kind of added oil in your diet.”

There are several reasons to avoid adding oils of any kind to your diet. This Q&A video will guide you through an understanding of those reasons. The questions Dr. Feinsinger addresses shine a light on what oils can do in the body and why you want to eliminate them.

Here are some easy to follow steps to help you meet This Week’s Challenge:

There are several reasons why Dr. Feinsinger stresses avoiding added oils, and here are a few of the “Problems with Oils”:

1.    A lot of Americans are overweight as a result of too much oil in their diet.
… Fact:  1 tbs of oil = 120 calories.

2.    Oil is a refined food and to be avoided.  It has a poor nutrient to calorie ratio.

3.    All oils have saturated fat which causes the liver to make more bad cholesterol (LDL).
a.    Canola Oil – 7%
b.    Olive Oil – 15%
c.    Coconut Oil – 93%

4.    The imbalance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 in the body. The ratios are 1:1 or 2:1, yet what we experience is more like 6:3 which is out of balance and causes many of the chronic diseases we suffer from, including:
a.    depression
b.    inflammation
c.    heart disease
d.    diabetes
e.    cancer

5.    Oil is fat and very addictive.

6.    Oils are absorbed very rapidly in the gut and as a result, deposited rapidly in the body as fat.  Reference:   Dr. Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live”

7.    When oil begins to smoke and smell, the oil is turning into a carcinogen.

8.    Oil damages our delicate important organ systems.

Here are some of Dr. Feinsinger’s personal favorite Tips to avoid adding oils to your diet for cooking or meal prep:

[1] For Baking, Substitute:
       •    Ground flax seed or unsweetened applesauce
[2] For Cooking, including sautéing, Substitute:
•    Water
•    Wine
•    Vinegar
•    Vegetable broth
•    Juice from the vegetables
[3] To satisfy adding some healthy fats to your diet, here are a few sources you can use:
•    Eat a handful of nuts daily
o    Walnut (the best)
o    Pecans
o    Almonds
o    Peanuts
•    1-2 tsp ground flax seed daily
[4]  For brain health, also take a supplement
       •    Algae omega 3
[5]  BIGGEST TIP:   Avoid any kind of added oil in your diet

… and of course the Doctor highly recommends that you keep your Subscription active and participate in the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Program.

The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

Honoring the 7 Original Heroes
of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement 

A lot can be said for the work that the pioneers in the movement to bring awareness about the food we eat; what works and why, and what doesn’t. These doctors have paved the way creating a vast amount of scientific proof that we have been unknowingly killing ourselves.

Please keep an open mind, an open heart and increase your knowledge so you can help yourself and those you care about improve their quality of life.

Enjoy what we’ve put together honoring the 7 Original Heroes of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

–> Click Here to Read More

In the News

1]  Food vs. Medicine for the Treatment of Cancer…
Can a WFPB diet be the standard of treatment for any type of cancer? Breast, prostate, and colon cancer are three of the most common cancers in America. While the data runs deep when it comes to modern medical treatments (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.) used for these cancers, the high-quality research to solidify the effectiveness of a whole food, plant-based diet (WFPB) as superior to these options is largely missing.

In fact, it appears, only prostate cancer has controlled interventional studies (the gold standard in determining evidenced-based medical practices) to evaluate whether or not a WFPB diet should be the standard of treatment for any type of cancer.

2]  Vegan Ads Say ‘Cow’s Milk Is For Calves. Dump Dairy’…
Campaigners say ‘behind every bowl of cheese dip is a grieving mother cow and the calf who was ripped away’. Pro-vegan adverts outside the World Cheese Dip Championship call on people to leave cow’s milk for calves. As part of the campaign, by vegan charity PETA, adverts have been placed on streetcar and bus shelters near the event’s venue, the Clinton Presidential Center, as well as at multiple street intersections. The ads show a cow alongside the words: “Do I Look Like Your Mother? Cow’s Milk Is for Calves. Dump Dairy. Go Vegan.” The charity adds that ‘humans are the only species to drink milk beyond the age of weaning and to consume the milk of another species’.

3] Plant-Based ‘Beyond Burger’ Hits 11 Million Sales In 11,000 Outlets Across The States…
The high-tech patty is becoming increasingly mainstream. “Since its launch, Beyond Meat has sold more than 11 million Beyond Burgers.

“Today, it is sold in the meat case at more than 5,000 grocery stores nationwide, including Kroger, Albertsons Companies, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Jewel Osco and Whole Foods, as well as on menu at more than 6,000 restaurants, hotels and college campus dining halls.”

4]  Politicians Brand Plant-Based Burgers An ‘Existential Threat’ To Beef Industry…
High-tech developments in plant-meat are a worry to animal ag supporters. Speaking about its decision to offer the Impossible Burger patty – which  uses 95 percent less land, less water and creates 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions to create than beef – Air New Zealand said it makes ‘no apology for offering innovative product choices for its customers and will continue to do so in the future’.

5] More Than 1,000 Doctors To Go Plant-Based For One Week…
Pledge founder wants to encourage more medical professionals to learn about the power of a plant-based diet. According to the World Health Organization, 17.9 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease, which is the cause of 31 percent of deaths worldwide. Of these, 85 percent are from heart attack and stroke, which are the most preventable of cardiovascular diseases.  Every 40 seconds in the United States someone dies of cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease combined.  1.1 billion adults have high blood pressure worldwide, and only one in 5 have it under control.

After learning about evidence-based nutrition and reading the peer-reviewed studies in multiple journals, one doctor couldn’t understand why every physician wasn’t plant based like she was. She questioned why doctors didn’t learn about this in their four years of college, or four years of medical school, or three years of internal medicine residency or (in her case) three years of cardiology fellowship.

Changing the milieu of medicine is possible, and this doctor believes what’s required is to keep pushing forward. This is a refreshing look at how some doctors are helping other doctors see the light, help themselves and their patients.

6] Can Asparagus Cause Cancer or Help Prevent Cancer?…
Recently, a compound in asparagus and some other foods, called asparagine, was said to be linked to breast cancer. Some media outlets were quick to highlight the potential danger with headlines like, “Asparagus Could Kill Me?” and “Amino Acid in Asparagus May Cause Breast Cancer.” The real question became … “Should we listen to the headlines and immediately cut asparagus and similar food from our diet or look at the evidence?

Research using human cancer cells shows that asparagus has anti-cancer effects on colon cancer cells, kidney cancer cells, and most recently (2018) liver cancer cells, breast cancer cells, and bladder cancer cells. There’s more great information supporting what asparagus actually does for the body.

Celebrate with us as we celebrate with you being on this journey to health and wellness. Now is your chance to be a bigger part of the ripple effect we are seeing be created.

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Tips from the Kitchen

-Deliciousness from the Kitchen
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Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research and stories that will impact you:

**Could switching to a plant based diet be the equivalent of quitting smoking?  Dr. Michael Greger can answer that question in this video.  Time to rethink our food choices!

**Current data on dietary fats indicate that it is not just the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) oils promoted as “heart-friendly”, but the type of PUFA that is important

**It’s a well-known fact that environment, climate and surroundings have an impact on the physical body. The question to be answered is whether or not your health can be improved when your environment changes.

Now that the cooler weather is setting in, it may be time for chili! Add this new recipe to your collection from Linda Barsi and the team at Forks over Knives. It’s sure to please as you continue your journey towards the healthy lifestyle you want.

**You’ve heard it before, “Bean, beans, they’re good for your heart.”  Now let’s hear why!
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From all of us at Hippocrates Docs, on behalf of Just 1 Thing 4 Health,
have a great week and remember your Challenge for this week is to:

“Avoid any kind of added oil in your diet.”

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