J1T4H Week 9

Dr. Riz Bukhari 

Salty, Oily, Sugary Foods and the Heart

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“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”


Featured Doctor:    Rizwan Bukhari, MD – a commentary on Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s Challenge Video

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Esselstyn is one of the 7 Original Heroes of the WFPB Movement and believes the dietary changes that helped his patients over the past 20 years can help us, too. They can make us immune to heart attacks. He proclaims not eating meat, poultry, fish, or dairy products, and instead eating a wonderful variety of veggies, legumes, whole grains, and fruits.

Dr. Riz Bukhari

Dr. Riz is one of 3 doctors at Dallas Regional Medical Center who specializes in vascular surgery. He recommends a whole food plant-based diet to help reverse diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as other chronic conditions.

Special Feature This Week: As our featured Doctor during the next Physicians On Call LIVE, Dr. Riz will add to the information shared by Dr. Esselstyn about this week’s challenge to reduce or eliminate salty, oily and sugary foods and how they impact the heart.

Did you know that heart disease may be an issue that you’ve been
developing since childhood, and it can be stopped, reversed and prevented?
Watch this video to find out more.

Dr. Esselstyn’s Challenge to You:
“Reduce or Eliminate Eating Salty, Oily, Sugary Foods”

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn explains how the heart reacts to the things we eat and strongly recommends eliminating all salty, oily and sugary foods from your diet. What we eat directly impacts the production of nitric oxide which keeps our cardiovascular systems flowing, acting the way the body intended, and keeping the arterial wall from becoming thickened, stiff or inflamed, preventing heart disease.

The destruction of the endothelium system is the cause of heart disease and it’s due to the lack of producing the right amounts of nitric oxide. What we eat in the normal Western diet is the cause and what we shift to begin eating can be the cure for heart disease. Dr. Esselstyn walks us through exactly what that entails, as he breaks down the cause and the remedy in simple terms.

In the Physicians On Call LIVE with Dr. Riz Bukhari, you got the explanation around why Dr. Esselstyn is so adamant about eliminating vs just reducing salt, oil and sugar from our diets. Find out more about our Featured Doctor, the Just 1 Thing 4 Health series  and share your FREE, no obligation subscription. Keep an open mind. Be curious and find what works for you. Watch it Now.

Here are some easy to follow steps to help you meet This Week’s Challenge:

Reduce or eliminate salty, oily, sugary foods from your diet. The evidence showing how doing this can stop and reverse heart disease is compelling. It’s so compelling, Dr. Esselstyn retired from doing surgery and now focuses on this in the work he continues to do at the Cleveland Clinic.

TIP:   Try eliminating these foods or at least reduce the SOS (salt, oil, sugar) from your diet:

[1] All oil of any kind. Oil will compromise the blood stream and injures the endothelial cells.
[2] Meat, fish, chicken, fowl, turkey, eggs
[3] Dairy: milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt
[4] Sugary drinks: Pepsi, Cokes, etc.
[5] Sugary foods: Cakes, pies, cookies, stevia, agave, excesses of maple syrup, molasses, and honey

Eat more foods full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants – whole foods, there has been nothing so dynamic as this.

Here’s a favorite recipe for you to try that’s Naturally Sweet – Cooking and Baking Without Added Sugar. 

You don’t need to reach for the sugar to add sweetness to your cooking. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are already wonderfully sweet and come packed with nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. They also add tenderness to baked goods and color to sauces and casseroles. In addition to being healthier for you, when you cut back on sweeteners, you can better appreciate the nuances of nutty whole-grain flours and warm spices. Enjoy!

Dr. Riz Adds to your recourses for this week:
Favorite Books:
1. Dr. Esselstyn’s book on Prevent And Reverse Disease. In it, he goes into more detail than in the video about his studies and explains why he does not include SOS when treating his patients. He does not use the term SOS but he completely eliminates salt, oil and sugar from their diets. His book also has a ton of recipes.2. Dr. Greger’s How Not To Die. It has an entire section on Heart Disease. He talks about eliminating SOS as well and even refers to staying away from unhealthy vegan foods.3. Dr. John McDougall also believes in staying away from all 3. His book The Starch Solutionexplains why and offers recipes.
•    SALT: It’s worth mentioning how one can replace salt by using spices which can add flavors to foods. Garlic, onion, chili, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and even using amino acids such as soy sauce can add flavors. Possibly even include choosing packaged foods with low or no sodium.
•    OIL: Rather than using oil for sautéing, one can saute with water or low-sodium vegetable broth. Steam or roast vegetables rather than frying them.
•    SUGAR: Avoid all sugar if possible. But if one needs to sweeten coffee, etc. Dr. Greger recommends Erythritol plant-derived. Dr. Esselstyn does not like the use of even maple syrups because they still cause damage to the endothelial cells.
•    Forks Over Knives, the China Study, How Not To Die have great cookbooks with very clean recipes.
•    Also, there is a Forks Over Knives Free App which has a ton of free recipes.Favorite Dr. Greger SOS Videos: 
-Salt and Hypertension: https://youtu.be/_6hVgCgRWbM
-Lower salt intake: https://youtu.be/yTiGpmdCr9Y 
-Plant-based food and Artery Function: https://youtu.be/hMBkX9zAPyM 
-Sugar & WHO: https://youtu.be/7OuWEBOboI4 

Here is Dr. Esselstyn’s Most Compelling Call-To-Action:

Clear about why he loves and will continue the practice of medicine, Dr. Esselstyn feels there is another side of the equation that must be looked at. Follows is his call to action.

“We have made a billion dollar health industry around an illness that does not even exist. It truly is becoming apparent that never before in medicine have we had anything so powerful, safe and economically realistic because it doesn’t cost anything, as whole food, plant-based nutrition.

Literally, not only does it eliminate cardiovascular disease, but also strokes, vascular dementia, diabetes, hypertension, ulcerative colitus, crones disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, allergies, asthma, and the list goes on.

If we could get people to stop eating meat, become plant-based in their foods, we would eliminate 1/3 of early mortality. We are truly on the cusp of what could be a seismic revolution in health. This seismic revolution is never going to come about with another pill, with another procedure or an operation. This seismic revolution will come about when we in the profession have the will and the grit and the determination to show patients/persons, not only the lifestyle, but most specifically, the nutritional literacy that will empower them as the locus of control to absolutely annihilate chronic illness.”

We encourage everyone that is a part of Hippocrates Docs and the J1T4H Program to be a catalyst for this change, starting with 1 thing at a time to improve your own health. As you see the results in your own life, you will be even more empowered to take a greater stand for the changes needed in our medical system and throughout the industry.

As the J1T4H Program brings you more doctors from various specialties and more WFPB subjects, we ask you to join us in being more vocal. Share the Program and be a greater part of the Movement.

… and of course the Doctors highly recommend that you keep your Subscription active and participate in the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Program.

The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

Honoring the 7 Original Heroes
of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement

Honoring Those Who Continue to Lead the Way…

A lot can be said for the work that these pioneers are doing in the movement to bring awareness about the food we eat; what works and why, and what doesn’t. These doctors have paved the way, creating a vast amount of scientific proof that we have been unknowingly killing ourselves.

Over the next several weeks and months, we will share a special video from each one of the 7, that is hosted by a Hippocrates Doc who will comment on the subject matter and answer any questions you may have. We are honored to join forces with these Original 7 and every other doctor who is a part of the Movement to bring a greater level of awareness, health and wellness to adults, children, pets, animals and the planet.

Enjoy what we’ve put together honoring the 7 Original Heroes of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

In the News… Changing to

Our intention is to bring you news and information that celebrates the things being accompished to move the WFPB conversation to a higher level, making a greater impact in lives and on the planet. We’re excited to change the name of this section to reflect how we really feel about the times and the changes occurring.

We are Celebrating The Movement!

1]  CrossCountry Trains Debuts Vegan Options After Increased Demand…
A vegan cheese sandwich will now be available on board. UK transport giant CrossCountry Trains has introduced vegan options in response to increasing demand. The company took to Twitter to announce the news. According to the post, travellers are able to buy plant-based sandwiches and cake bars on board.

2]  How a Heart Attack Saved My Life…
Dieting is no way to lose weight! At 62, he suffered a massive heart attack. Years of eating fatty, salty, sugary foods in a Western Diet that was heavy on meat as a protein source, also heavy on dairy products and the endless array of processed foods that abound in any grocery store aisle. His artery was clogged with fatty plaque and landed him a stay in the hospital and he got a second chance!

Through researching the cause, and finding resources like Forks Over Knives, he found the evidence that showed him the cause and the solution. Changing his lifestyle, eating and exercise habits helped him lose 30 lbs, stop the damage he had been causing himself and now he tells his story.

3] To Take Or Not To Take Fish Oil…
Examining the health benefits of fish oil is easy … it’s oil and has other potentially harmful ingredients.

Did you know we can get plenty of the fish oil type of chemical from the consumption of the omega-3 fatty acids that are found in certain plants–certain nuts, flaxseed, etc. Indeed, it also is related to a dietary balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and this balance can be readily met with a good quality diet of wholesome vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.

4]  Canadian College Opens Fully Vegan Eatery…
A college in Canada has opened a fully vegan eatery in response to increasing demand. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is now serving students, staff, faculty and visitors an entirely plant-based menu out of Square Root, a restaurant situated in the school’s Bytes cafeteria. The eatery prepares the fresh vegan dishes on a daily basis. Offerings include curry, avocado toast, and Mediterranean sweet potatoes with crispy chickpeas and fresh tomatoes.

NAIT Dietician Nick Creelman said: “More students are choosing plant-based food for health reasons, but also because they’re less expensive and more sustainable. I think we’ve done a great job on all of it – taste, look, appeal and price point.”

5] A Health Disaster in the Making, or…
Annually since 1943, the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has released their most recent recommended nutrient intakes. Today, is appears the shift in recommendations will lead to disaster.

It is time that advisory panels and their parent organizations who develop diet and health policy take more responsibility of fully revealing (and more) all potential conflicts of interest. Further, they are urged to consider disallowing researchers with serious conflicts from holding leadership positions on these panels. The public deserves far more than they are getting [and have been getting] from these very important reports.

We now have overwhelming evidence to show that a plant-based diet of whole foods, low in fat and protein and high in complex carbohydrates (but not in refined carbohydrates!), is associated with substantially lower rates of these [chronic] diseases. Furthermore, we also now have substantial information on how these foods produce their biological benefits. The changes required to get the right information to consumers who are at the most risk [including our children], requires us all to speak up. Will you be a part of effecting more change?

6] A Doctor’s Tips for Choosing a Plant-Based Milk – This is a great guide!…
There is a proliferating variety of plant-based milks available. Here’s one Doctor’s perspective who is commonly asked about which plant-based milk is the best choice. This is so eye-opening.

Celebrate with us as we join you on your journey to health and wellness. Now is your chance to be a bigger part of the ripple effect being created.

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Tips from the Kitchen

-Deliciousness from the Kitchen

Did someone say pumpkin?  It’s that time of year.  Enjoy this delicious Almost Instant Pumpkin Pudding from Chef AJ!https://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/almost-instant-pumpkin-pudding/#gs.1e=b80I

Click this link or the Image and check out the recipe details

-Need a Recipe for a Tasty Dish? Here’s something that is Warm and Delicious!
A great way to warm your insides is a nice curry!  Here’s a recipe for Thai Green Curry that follows all the guidelines for a healthy delicious dish: lots of fresh vegetables and free from added sugar, oil or salt!

We love to share our recipes and invite you to share yours in our Facebook Group.

Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research, other resources and stories that will impact you:

**Recognizing Breast Cancer Awarness month, learn How Not to Die from Cancer in this video. Dr. Michael Greger looks at diet and exercise to see what has the most cancer kicking effects!
https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-not-to-die-from-cancer/**From 400 lbs & Disabled to Thriving Plant-Based Ironman & Ultrarunner. Walking out of the doctor’s office, reality finally sunk in. I was not going to be around for another year. My wife and kids would very likely not have a husband or father within the year. My blood pressure was 255/115, and I was on three medications to bring it down. My cholesterol (300) and triglycerides (279) were off the charts. Aside from a heavy load of prescribed medications, I was also self-medicating and struggling with addictions of all kinds. My weight became so out of control that the doctor could no longer weigh me in his office. I had trouble breathing and suffered from severe sleep apnea.
https://nutritionstudies.org/400-lbs-ultrarunner/**Salt intake plays a huge role in blood pressure.  How do we know that salt is an issue if we’re all consuming too much?  Read what Dr. Michael Greger has to say about populations that consume almost no added salt!
https://nutritionfacts.org/2018/07/10/salt-is-put-to-the-test/**Plant-Based Ingredient Substitutions. Whether you are new to plant-based eating, or an experienced chef, you will come across many instances when recipe substitutions are necessary. Here’s a great resource.
https://nutritionstudies.org/plant-based-food-tips-healthy-recipe-substitutions/ **Vegan Holiday Recipes Debut in Forks Over Knives Magazine. The magazine is designed to make plant-based living ‘fun and approachable’. Described as a ‘bookazine’, the special release includes over 100 pages of plant-based content, with 62 recipes in total.
https://www.plantbasednews.org/post/vegan-holiday-recipes-forks-over-knives-magazine/**Have you tried spaghetti squash yet?  It looks just like spaghetti!  Here’s a great recipe to help you get started enjoying this fabulous squash.  (Check the labels of the spaghetti sauce carefully, choose one without excess oil and salt.)
**We all know that getting our green leafy vegetables is very important but store bought salad dressings are a big source of oil.  Here’s a Creamy Ranch dressing sure to please everyone!  And it’s oil free!
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From all of us at Hippocrates Docs, on behalf of Just 1 Thing 4 Health,
have a great week and remember your Challenge for this week is to:

“Reduce or Eliminate Eating Salty, Oily, Sugary Foods.”

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