Facilitator Training & Certification Program

My Health, My Priority Program

Facilitator Training and Certification Program

Helping Educate the Masses about Using Food As Medicine!

There is a solution to the chronic illness epidemic, and we can be a part of that solution. Educating people about how to use food as medicine, we can participate in changing lives, saving lives and helping to create a healthy future for people.

Are you a plant-based health, nutritional or other type of wellness coach or therapist? Are you a health practioner, doctor, chiropractor, acupunturist, medical health coach?

If you haven’t already seen it, review the program details and consider becoming a Certified Facilitator to deliver the educational curriculum of the

My Health, My Priority Program

Becoming a Certififed Facilitator to deliver the 12-Weeks to Wellness Program gives you the chance to be a part of an army of advocates in the Whole Food, Plant-Based Movement.

As a Certified Facilitator, you can not only change the lives of countless individuals who are actively seeking this information and you to help them, you can grow your practice because you’ve added this program to your toolkit of offerings for your clients and potential clients.

You will be able to take advantage of the expert speakers we will be sharing with the group, the round table discussions we will have to bring about innovative ways to support those on the journey, and grow your business at the same time.

We will help map it out and show you how you can facilitate one, two or three groups at once and earn the income that most coaches and practitioners take years to develop. We are tapping into a new conversation in coaching that has been overlooked, misunderstood and downright wrong.

Now, we can help advocate the lifestyle that creates wellness and whole body health through the education that 30+ medical doctors have shared that they recommend for their patients.

The program is based on the scientific peer-reviewed research, the medical evidence that a whole foods, plant-based diet and lifestyle have proven and our desire is that you help to get the word out, get people on their paths to healing and help re-educate society about the ills of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) that is literally killing us all over the world.

Here’s a look at the Facilitator training curriculum:

Week 1:  Getting Started and Set Up

  • Agreements & FAQs
  • Communication Channels
  • Zoom for Weekly Meetings
  • Participant’s Guide
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Program Learning Platform

Week 2:  Program Delivery and Presenting

  • Program Content Review
  • Delivery Process / Facilitator Guide Review
  • Powerpoint Presentations for Sharing and Inviting

Week 3:  Marketing and Outreach (Strategy | Implementation)

  • Identifying your Target Market
  • Strategy for Outreach
  • Merging the Program into Your Practice
  • Implementation Strategy

Week 4:  Closing Participants Into Your Program

  • Closing Conversations that Influence
  • It’s Not About You
  • Multiple Marketing Streams
  • The Power of Group Presentations

We have designed a support system that includes a twice-monthly Open Forum for Facilitators to get questions answered, tweak strategies, share stories, share recipes and ask for help.

We also have a Private Facebook Group for Facilitators so you can get to know each other as we’re growing our own support network.

To Find out How to Enroll, CLICK HERE

We know that changing a lifetime of habits and behavior is more successful when you have support. We know that is the same for those who are delivering that care and we are here to support our family of Facilitators.

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