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Whole Food Plant Based Success Stories of Everyday People

We are excited to bring you the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle Success Stories of people just like us. We are your neighbors, co-workers, community group members, friends, and family.

These are the stories of amazing people who have beat the odds where a disease claimed their health (mentally, physically and/or spiritually) and was trying to claim their life.

These everyday people not only got their health back through practicing a WFPB lifestyle, they got their lives back and are healthier today than most can remember being for some time (or ever).

Take a look and watch the stories that appeal to you.

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KIM HEGER wanted to understand the root cause of the cancer she had no clue was developing inside her. The Stage 3 Breast Cancer led to radical surgery and no immediate resource for alternative remedies or support until she went searching on her own. Hear her WFPB story.

For MARJORIE LEON, the loss of a family member began a downward health spiral. Overweight, stressed and in jeopardy of doing further, possibly permanent damage to her body, Marjorie awakened to what could be, if a change of direction didn’t occur. Hear her WFPB story.

BOB HOFFMAN spent 30+ years dealing with health challenges. After going to his doctor seeking a solution to a newly developed problem, it was his doctor’s response that put Bob on a path of spending all day, every day for months doing his own research to find answers. Hear Bob’s WFPB story and be inspired.

DR. TOMEKA DAY was a stressed, unhealthy, and burned-out practicing physician, wife and mother of 3 who took her health back! She’s got a compelling story and shares some great insights and advice. Watch and hear her WFPB story.

Watch for more stories as they get shared.

We are actively looking for those who have a success story about usinf food as your medicine to reclaim your life. We believe there is no better way of sharing the possibilities than to hear from those who have done it.

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