MHMP Participant Information Live

Join us for an informative presentation about the

My Health, My Priority! 12-Weeks to Wellness Program

In less than 1 hour, you can find out more about:

  • 3 Top Trends Changing in the Health Industry and how you can help shift the tide
  • The benefits for you as you participate in an interactive group designed to educate and support you as you are challenged to change negative habits and behaviors to reclaim your health
  • The medical research and decades of studies that have proven the foods our bodies need for health and longevity
  • Being part of a small group of  like–minded individuals on the journey to better health

If Thomas Edison knew this decades ago, why are we just coming to realize it now? And, what are you going to do about it when it comes to yur own health and wellness.

This is not about the next pill, potion or quick fix. This is about you having the power to change your health and eliminate chronic illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and more.

Join us for the NEXT Information Session and find out how you can create the next year to be your best year in health. We’ll be sharing some valuable information and program details. You don’t want to miss getting into a group that fits your scheduling and lifestyle needs. If you missed it live, the recording will be posted at our Facebook Page.

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This 12 week “My Health, My Priority” Program will support you to change your health and improve your healthy lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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