Celebrate! Food industry lobbying group is disintegrating!

Why is it that the federal government advises that doctors should consider recommending a plant based diet to all their patients, yet most doctors and most people don’t understand the potential benefits of eating well?

I believe the answer is found in what messaging we are bombarded with. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is an example of a group that stops at nothing in their efforts to maximize sales for it’s members. They have misstated truths and now their ways are starting to catch up with them. 50 major corporate members have left the organization including Campbell Soup, Nestlé, Dean Foods, Mars, Tyson Foods, Unilever, Hershey, Cargill, Kraft and DuPont. Join the GMA boycott to finish the job and end the GMA. I hope these companies are starting to see the power of food as medicine and the converse, food as the cause of the chronic disease epidemic.
Click here to read the wonderful article Dr. Mercola has written on this

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