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Did you know that the National Institutes of Health has advised that physicians prescribe food as medicine?

Physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity.”    – Click Here to READ THE STUDY

Hippocrates Docs is here to support YOU while spreading the word about a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet and lifestyle for your patients and the public in general.

“…because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

We make it easy…

Hippocrates Docs recognizes the immense power of lifestyle for optimal health as proven with the massive body of unbiased, peer reviewed, scientific research and as shown by the 7 Original Heroes of the Movement. We advocate that people change lifestyle to be as compliant with those guidelines as possible. We also recognize that this is something that may take time and may need to be accomplished with baby-steps. We support those on the journey.

We ask that the Doctors joining us on this mission, advocate, teach and live a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, as well as commit, like all of our team has, to move even more towards your own optimal health.

If you already embrace the WFPB solution we invite you to join the journey with us and:

  • Join our Plant-Based Whole Foods practitioner directory.
  • Enjoy your free, exclusive page on to direct your patients to for the lifestyle information you don’t have time to cover in a patient visit.
  • Contribute to the Just 1 Thing (at a time) 4 Health program designed to provide a baby-steps tool for people interested in changing their lifestyle through a video interview
  • You’ll be invited to take the next step to become a Strategic Partner


The J1T4H Program consists of a series of weekly emails featuring a doctor teaching his/her specialty and the things they prescribe to their patients as a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle solution.

First, a 5-7 minute video on the Featured Doctor’s health topic is included in the weekly email communication to Subscribers. Subscribers are those who are curious to those who are well on their journey and advocates of a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Subscriptions consist of a series of emails, delivered weekly, (Saturdays), inviting the subscriber to learn about a “Just 1 Thing (at a time) 4 Health” topic that the Featured Doctor believes is advocating for preventing and reversing chronic illness and debilitating disease.

In the video, the Featured Doctor challenges the audience to start a new habit that will shift their eating habits to the ones that medical science is proving will be a part of the solution to live healthier.

  • All topics are congruent with the principles of a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle.
  • All topics are hosted by board-certified doctors, our “Featured Doctors”.

Following each email, the ‘Featured Doctor’ participates in a live video call (typically 1 hour) sharing their story and additional information on the topic that was presented in their challenge video for the email.

The ‘Physicians On Call’ Q&A Interview broadcasts give Subscribers the opportunity to join the Featured Doctor and the J1T4H team in a Zoom video call with the Featured Doctor sharing more on the subject matter and answering questions from the J1T4H and the audience members.


  • A 5- to 7-minute video on the preferred topic of the Featured Doctor
  • Information, and links to additional information regarding the specific topic, that empowers readers to change “Just 1 Thing” in their eating habits
  • Featured Doctor’s Bio with their clinical work and specialties outlined
  • Featured Doctor’s picture
  • Testimonials by the Featured Doctor’s patients
  • Success stories of the Featured Doctor’s patients or others
  • Featured Doctor’s favorite recipes
  • Featured Doctor’s favorite tips regarding creating new habits
  • Featured Doctor’s favorite relevant supporting evidence-based reference material
  • Invitation to join the Featured Doctor’s email list, blog, newsletter, etc., and gifts, if applicable
  • Links to the Featured Doctor’s professional website with contact information
  • Links to the Featured Doctor’s relevant upcoming events
  • Other information relevant to the topic provided by the Just 1 Thing project producers


  • 5- to 7-minutes of video footage on the subject matter, showcasing the Featured Doctor and their expertise on the preferred topic (Don’t have an easy way to create your video? Let us know. We can help.)
  • Topic introduction with a hook for the viewer to get engaged (Problem)
  • A short bio about you and why you are passionate about this movement
  • Content from your perspective and expertise (Leads to the Solution)
  • Just 1 Thing Challenge (What will the new habit look like? i.e. how to find more fiber, eat steel cut oats for breakfast, etc.)
  • Tips to create success in meeting the Challenge. (What probable benefits the new habit will create in how the viewer will feel and the impact on their body, perhaps including references to relevant studies.

         Other Resources

    • Featured Doctors are asked to provide links to other subject matter videos they are aware of (hosted on, Ted Talks, expert sites and other sources) specifically regarding the featured topic
    • Link to an in-depth video of the Featured Doctor
      • Research by the host and other experts
      • Books by the host and other experts
      • Articles by the host and other experts
    • Organizations for education and support


  • Upon opening the Q&A call and introducing the PoC Featured Doctor, the J1T4H Host will ask the Doctor to give a brief self-introduction (there is an entire section in the email for more in-depth information and an invitation to engage with you)
  • Doctor’s are asked to consider sharing why you’re passionate about the plant-based lifestyle and what got you hooked
  • Explanations of why you, the Featured Doctor believe the topic to be important
    § The what, why and how of the topic
    § The scientific research on the topic
  • Your audience Just 1 Thing Change Challenge, inviting a specific change in eating habits (i.e. eat steel cut oats for breakfast with …..)
    § What the new habit will look like, (i.e. how to find more fiber, eat steel cut oats for breakfast)
    § What probable benefits the new habit will create in how the viewer will feel and the impact on their body, perhaps including references to relevant studies (links also provided in the body of the email)
  • A brief story or two about patient cases evidencing success (your patient or a patient story you know about)
  • An invitation to engage with the resources provided in the email
  • Conclusion, reiterate the simple challenge to change the habit and to work with an accountability partner to produce the results that are possible


  • Upon deciding the dates we will Feature your Challenge, we post via social media to promote your Challenge and Live Q&A Calls
  • We can BOOST our promotional campaign. Doctor’s are asked sharing our promotional budget costs for one week of promoting pre and post the Live Q&A Interview.
  • Agree to share and promote to your patients and via your website, social media and web connections.

Become a Strategic Partner with us and receive many more benefits.  We would like for you to CONSIDER as a Strategic Partner, Sponsoring a Topic and expressing your passion to educate the masses on your Favorite Topic. As a Strategic Partner Featured Topic  Physician, select a particular WFPB topic that you can educate others on, create, manage and build a specialty conversation around, and support more people on their WFPB journey, increase your expert status and exposure.   Topics like:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Autoimmune Health
  • Microbiome Health
  • Obesity
  • Oral Health
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Health
  • Eye Health
  • Thyroid Health
  • and more…
  • If you like to write, we will publish your articles in our blog for everyone to read and benefit from
  • Have the success stories of your patients featured on our website and yours
  • Share yours and other related videos that you can show in your waiting room
  • Participate in our online health care community. Connect with other health care providers who are prescribing plant-based whole foods to their patients.
  • Let us help you giving you additional help in getting your message out to a wider audience nationwide or globally.

Your specialty will be something that other Doctors, Subscribers and our general audience will look to you for the sharing of information and your expertise. As the go-to-authority on your chosen specialty, you can write blog articles, we will publish 1 per month and create videos for publishing on the HD website, as well as your own.

For the nominal up front set up fee and ongoing monthly fee, as a Strategic Partner, we will also help you create your own video interviews, create e-Books for give-aways, get podcast and webtv interviews, help other doctors by answering their questions, and more.  Interested in learning more? Let us know.

If there is more that you would like for us to share about you and your work, please inquire. We want to feature you as prominently as possible, so your input and exploring how we can be most effective is very valuable to us.

JOIN US!  Let’s do more to Celebrate the Movement together and increase it’s forward motion, making a bigger positive impact, one person, one community at a time!
“…because we know changing habits and lifestyle can be daunting without support!”

To find out more information and get your questions answered about getting on the J1T4H Calendar or a Strategic Partnership, please contact us at:


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