Just 1 Thing (at a time) 4 Health


What can making whatever changes might be needed to better your health easy? Being a part of the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Program. We have the easiest way to shift your habits to ones that will make you feel great and change your health for the better.

Members are Subscribers who are participating in changing 1 habit at a time to change the quality of their health. This results in lifestyle changes that we want to encourage and help support you in making.

Here’s a Summary of what’s happened so far:


Featured Doctor:  Bandana Chawla MD
Dr. Chawla loves being a part of the whole foods, plant-based movement and appreciates having been introduced to it by some of her patients that improved their health by taking the action to change their nutritional intake, many of these actions she outlines in her video.

Watch Dr. Chawla’s video to hear how she explains protein in the diet. She also talks about the deficiency in our diets that can be easily changed resulting in tremendous improvements in most people’s health.

Learn more from Dr. Chawla by visiting her page:  CLICK HERE


Featured Doctor:   Dennis Grossman MD
Dr. Dennis Grossman specializes in Internal Medicine for adults and seniors. His practice is located in Cleveland, OH and he got interested in nutrition 25+ years ago. He has been an active supporter of nutrition as a means of creating a healthier life and says ‘it’s pretty simple’ when you know a few things. Those things are what he shares in this video.