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Drs. Susanna & Benjamin Alter on Why Say ‘No’ to GMOs

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“Because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”


What would you do if you were unknowingly eating poisoned food at every meal? While the FDA has told the general population that GMO foods sprayed with glyphosate did not pose any harm to human to health, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Glyphosate, an extremely toxic herbicide sprayed in conventionally farm fields, has been linked with the increase of neurological issues, autism, cancers, muscular disorders, digestive disorders, reproductive issues, autoimmune disease and much more.

This water-soluble toxin accumulates in our body and causes trouble in more than just one way. It is important to understand how these toxic foods affect the body and how to protect the health of yourself and your family.

Featured Doctors:    Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic physicians specializing in lifestyle medicine. They practice an holistic approach to health and healing, blending the art and science of evidence-based and traditional naturopathic medicine with mind-body applications. Their philosophy is rooted in the fact that the body heals itself, always aiming to create an optimal environment for healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

The Alters both received their doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. They currently practice through their online clinic, Alter Health, offering telehealth consultations worldwide as well as serving the local population in Carbondale, CO through home-visits.

Plant-based nutrition is a central focus of their practice, as it is what they have found in their studies and experience to be the most effective in reversing and preventing chronic disease while increasing longevity, health, and happiness for individuals and the planet.

In this Just 1 Thing 4 Health Challenge Video, the Docs cover a brief, yet clear introduction to GMOs and glyphosate, how glyphosate effects human’s health, and how to eat in a way that keeps GMOs and glyphosate out of your body. Meet this challenge and congratulate yourself for taking positive action towards your improved health.

Discovering the importance of eating non-GMO Organic Food comes into more clarity from what the Docs have shared. Genetically modified organisms that have been altered at the level of the gene for different purposes, specifically in this case for the purpose of being more resistant to the harsh chemicals sprayed during the conventional farming practice have a residual negative impact on us as humans.

The resources committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices, are growing. Let’s utilize them and clean out our pantries, restocking them with foods that help support and heal our bodies, and improve the holistic health of human beings.

Meet the Challenge by taking these proactive steps towards your better health.

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter’s Challenge to you:

Eat organic non-GMO food. Read the labels when shopping. Be conscious of the produce and other grocery items that you’re consuming. Go through your cupboards to throw away any GMO-foods you may have bought in the past.

Specifically, when you’re shopping in the produce section, find the little produce sticker numbers starting with nine to be assured that that is an organically grown item.

For extra credit, go through your pantry and toss any GMO products, specifically soy corn canola and sugar that you may have purchased in the past and just replace them with an organic non-GMO option.

For extra-extra credit, tell a friend or family member or someone else that you care about and love how important it is to choose organic non-GMO foods because as we collectively vote with our dollars when we’re consuming these items. At the market we are voting for a different agricultural system, an organic system; one that’s aligned with nature and doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals in the farming process.

Get more evidence-based information, connect with the Docs and other great healthy living ideas, and more by scrolling below… and stay plugged in right here at Just 1 Thing 4 Health.

Be sure to read the highlights of related ARTICLES we’ve gathered below. They are the science, research and other published medical articles on the subject. And don’t miss the RECIPES for Delicious Dishes!


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To assist you on your journey, here are some easy to follow steps to help you meet This Week’s Challenge:

Here are some Tips to help create success for you this week, including:

1. Be aware of the GMO foods: Corn, Soy, Canola, Sugar, (and Cotton)

2. Be aware of the non-GMO foods that are still sprayed heavily with glyphosate: Wheat, Beans, Barley, Lentils, Millet, Peas, and more

3. Read the ingredient labels on packaged foods to make sure they do not contain GMO foods.

4. Look for the GMO-free label on packaged foods such as breads, cereals, snack bars, etc.

5. Choose organic as much as possible.

6. Refer to the EWG’s Dirty dozen and Clean Fifteen guides, when buying organic is not an option. These guides show the foods that have the highest and lowest amount of herbicide and pesticide residues.

7. Drink filtered water.

You don’t have to do it alone. The Just 1 Thing 4 Health programs are here to help you along the journey … ”because changing habits and lifestyle is daunting without support.”

Drs. Benjamin & Susanna Alter’s Favorites:


  • GMO’s Revealed– a free series on YouTube revealing the truth about the harmful effects of GMOs
  • Podcast episodewith Dr. Zach Bush, MD on GMO’s, glyphosate, and gut health
  • How Herbicides Are Killing Us (Part 1) and (Part 2) with Dr. Stephanie Seneff






  • The Non-GMO Project: The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.
  • Farmer’s Footprint– An organization with the mission to lower use of glyphosate and GMO seeds by educating farmers.




The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

Honoring the 7 Original Heroes
of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement

Honoring Those Who Continue to Lead the Way…

We are honored to join forces with these Original 7 and every other doctor who is a part of the Movement to bring a greater level of awareness, health and wellness to adults, children, pets, animals and the planet.

Enjoy what we’ve put together honoring the 7 Original Heroes of the Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

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This week, we want you to get to know more about 

Dr. Michael Greger

Physician, Author, Speaker, Founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Creator of NutritionFacts.org

In his lectures, videos and writings about nutrition, Dr. Greger works to persuade people to change their eating habits from a Western pattern diet to a whole foods, plant-based diet. It is this shift, he says, that can help prevent and reverse a host of chronic diseases. It is because of this that he is critical of other doctors for not encouraging their patients to adopt plant-based diets and avoid animal-based products, and the US government for giving watered down advice about healthy eating in a bid to protect the economic interests of nutritionally unhealthy food producers.

Sparked in his youth and reinforced over the course of his career, Dr. Greger is dedicated to bypassing health middlemen and delivering important, and often lifesaving, information straight to the public. “With the democratization of information, doctors no longer hold a monopoly as gatekeepers of knowledge about health,” Dr. Greger writes in his book, “I’m realizing it may be more effective to empower individuals directly.”

–>Click here to read more.


Here you will find the articles and news that supports the positive progression of the Whole Food Plant-Based Movement. The Hippocrates Docs Family of Doctors and Practitioners who advocate for this way of eating and lifestyle are glad to bring this to you, their family, friends, patients, and the world.

While we celebrate the progress of the work, we celebrate YOU! Enjoy this month’s curation of articles and information.

**GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know
Making genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for Genetically Modified Organisms) as part of a research project, the experience of putting DNA from various foreign organisms, such as viruses and bacteria wasn’t initially concerning. The possible effects of GM plants on human health or the environment wasn’t realized until it became evident that these GMOs would be grown and eaten, produced for commercial purposes and to drive seed costs up, instead of being for research purposes only. As it became clear that certain companies thought differently, shared skepticism emerged that commercial interests were running far ahead of scientific knowledge. Now, over twenty years later, GMO crops, especially soybeans, corn, papaya, canola and cotton, are commercially grown in numerous parts of the world, may be unlabeled and therefore unknowingly abundant in your diet. It is believed that GMO crops still run far ahead of our understanding of their risks.

**This Animal Activist Is Going After Your Palate
Bruce Friedrich spent decades trying to persuade people to stop eating meat. When that didn’t work, he turned his focus to creating better alternatives. The organization Mr. Friedrich founded in 2015, the Good Food Institute, is at the center of a new industry searching for alternatives to meat that make no sacrifices on taste or price. His organization, which is based in Washington, does everything from starting venture capital funds to making matches between investors and start-ups. The work has turned Mr. Friedrich, 49, into a spokesman of sorts for people who came to realize that making others feel bad about eating meat does not make them consume less of it.

**Human survival in America depends on a health care shift to disease prevention
This is a must read article … Here’s an excerpt: “Medicine, as currently practiced, is approaching a strategic inflection point; a need for change must be recognized and instituted,” the report states. “Practitioners, insurance providers and government agencies must inform the population that we have identified the root causes of many of our diseases and must implement a plan to halt and reverse the conditions.” With health care costs rising but lifespan now shrinking, the 19 doctors and one health coach — most of them based in California — co-authored the expansive report that cites 149 references and uses impassioned language calling for a 180-degree shift in American medicine to a culture that teaches that “lifestyle empowers patients to take control of their own health.” It also says that “maladies such as hypertension, heart disease [type 2] diabetes and osteoarthritis are not inevitable outcomes of aging, but are an end product of poor lifestyle.” “Most deaths from chronic illness in the United States are preventable and related to how we live,” Get ready for the continuation towards change. The voices are getting louder.

**10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs
Doctors are being encouraged to prescribe non-GMO diets to patients. The 10 reasons are not only eye opening, they are reasons to take action.

**Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO FOODS)
Change creates both apprehension and controversy in us, and there is no better example of this than the changing of our food supply to include genetically modified, or GMO, foods. While some people may be fine with genetically altering the makeup of our food, others point to the potential for health problems stemming from unnatural, lab-generated modifications. When the genetic makeup of a plant or animal has been scientifically altered, should we take notice? This is commonly done for such reasons as to enhance crop size, reduce a plant or animal’s resistance to pathogens, fungus, or disease, or to help crops become more drought-resistant as our climate becomes warmer and dryer, among other things.

Celebrate with us as we join you on your journey to health and w0ellness. Now is your chance to be a bigger part of the ripple effect being created.
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Tips from the Kitchen

-Deliciousness from the Kitchen

**Naked Chia Seed Pudding

This yummy recipe holds the Naked Food Seal of Approval, prepared with all organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and plant-based ingredients. The Naked Food Seal of Approval stands for 100% Real Food.


-Need a Recipe for a Tasty Dish? Try this Bite of Deliciousness!

**Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Eating this filling oatmeal is like having carrot cake for breakfast, and it’s full of ingredients that will get your day started off right.


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Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research, recipes and other resources and stories that will support you on your journey:

**Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance. Interdiscip Toxicol. 2013;6(4):159-84

**Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases III: Manganese, neurological diseases, and associated pathologies.Surg Neurol Int. 2015;6:45. Published 2015 Mar 24. doi:10.4103/2152-7806.15387

**Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases IV: Cancer and related disease. Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry. 2015

**Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins.Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry. 2016

**Mertens M, Höss S, Neumann G, Afzal J, Reichenbecher W. Glyphosate, a chelating agent-relevant for ecological risk assessment?Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2018;25(6):5298-5317

**Duke SO, Lydon J, Koskinen WC, Moorman TB, Chaney RL, Hammerschmidt R. Glyphosate effects on plant mineral nutrition, crop rhizosphere microbiota, and plant disease in glyphosate-resistant crops. J Agric Food Chem. 2012;60(42):10375-97

**Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases. Entropy. 2013.


**Raw Apple Crisp
Top your apples with this simple and filling combination of  nuts, raisins and spices to create a delicious dessert or snack that you’ll feel good about. No salt, oil or sugar and DELICIOUS!

**Quick & Easy Tropical Sweet Potatoes 
This simple sweet potato dish comes together in minutes and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

**Spicy Grilled Cauliflower Summer Bowl 
This gluten-free fresh, tasty dish is made with grilled cauliflower marinated in a spicy sauce seasoned with chili powder, smoky cumin, garlic paste, and turmeric powder that pairs perfectly with the refreshing mint coriander dressing. Nix the oil and enjoy Spring and Summer!

**GMO Ingredients A-Z
If a non-organic packaged good has one of the ingredients on this list, it could be GMO or genetically engineered. Look for Non-GMO Project certified products and ingredients that are listed as 100% organic on labels to avoid all GMOs in your diet. Don’t let the list scare you. Let it empower you to shop wise and healthy!


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