MHMP! Facilitator – Sara Grossman

SARA GROSSMAN is a non-judgmental, whole foods plant based  vegan, yoga teacher and health enthusiast. She adopted a vegetarian diet at age 13 for ethical reasons after learning about treatment of animals by big business agriculture and the fast food industry.  Her diet degraded and for the next two decades she struggled to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sara was still eating processed and fried foods, excess artificial and sugary junk food. When she asked for help, she was able to learn and apply some healthy changes to her life and diet.

Motivated by health scares, doctors' advice, the advice of healthy people who are living their best life, and inspired by spiritual and ethical yogic studies, Sara finally decided to clean up her diet. Today, she’s become whole foods plant-based and an advocate for the WFPB Movement.

Sara says she feels better with this healthy lifestyle; “I'm lighter, happier, more confident, and have more clarity and energy.”

Sara expresses great gratitude for the opportunity to share this journey with you and support you in committing to make your health your #1 priority through a simple yet powerful lifestyle change that works for you.

Studying and teaching yoga as a career, Sara joins us as one of our amazing Certified Facilitators of the My Health, My Priority! 12-Weeks to Wellness Program. See below to find out if this is a program for you and enroll in Sara's next group.

Are you ready to upgrade your health, changing your eating to change your life?

Whether your Doctor wants you to change your diet or you are the curious researcher and feel your eating habits have or will get you into a health crisis, the My Health, My Priority! Program could be your answer.

This Program helps make it easier for you to be more successful in implementing the simple lifestyle that medical research has proven our bodies need for health and longevity.

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You can do this and change habits and behaviors for your lifetime.

Sara is ready to help you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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We are a part of the Whole Foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement and the My Health, My Priority! Educational and Experiential 12-Weeks to Wellness Program is our way of helping to move the needle. Your making improvements in your health using Food as Medicine is our mission.


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