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Featured Doctor:    Lauren Roper, DDS

Dr. Lauren Roper was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to design retail stores for Fossil (the watch company) and FedEx Office. After several years, she decided that she wanted a more intimate connection with people’s lives and more specifically, their health. She decided to pursue dentistry and earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Upon completion of dental school, Dr. Roper moved out to Colorado to be in the mountains and enjoy the outdoors with her husband. They have established themselves in a quaint community to help build community through empowering people through the example they set.

The oral systemic health connection and the understanding that the health of the mouth affects the health of the entire body fascinate Dr. Roper. She is an active member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health and is devoted to empowering people to take control of their overall wellness through preventive dentistry and nutrition. She believes that preventive dentistry can not only save money and potential pain, but it also has the potential to be life-saving.

Dr. Roper is a preceptor of The Bale-Doneen Method for heart attack and stroke prevention, and also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, and the Western Colorado Dental Association. She and Raul enjoy mountain biking, running, climbing, rafting, skiing, camping and the abundance of outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. They are also members of the Garfield County Search and Rescue team. Their two dogs, Salsa and Kennedy (K-dog), are in training to one day become really good dogs.

Have you been on the path to wellness, yet you and your doctor are still looking for ways to improve or decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, inflammation or chronic illness? It may be time to see what’s happening in your mouth.

Dr. Roper’s Challenge to you:
Use an interdental brush (aka “a soft pick”) daily

The bacteria that cause periodontal disease are now known to be linked to heart disease and many other chronic diseases. Using an interdental brush is a great alternative to flossing. This three-dimensional tool can get into spaces between teeth and do a great job at removing plaque while simulating the gum tissue.


Find out more about our Featured Doctor and the subject of Oral Health. Watch this video recording of the Physicians On Call LIVE, when Dr. Roper expanded on the impact of stress.

Dr. Roper answered questions and shared her insights and medical perspective about the part that oral health plays in the cause and remedy of chronic illness and in particular, heart disease. The questions asked will give you some key information that is not readily discussed about the connection of oral health to the prevention of other system health conditions.

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To assist you on your journey, here are some easy to follow steps to help you meet This Week’s Challenge:

Poor oral health has claimed more lives and inflicted more chronic pain than necessary. Keeping teeth, gums and bones healthy, helps with your overall health.

[1] Tips to get the most out of using your interdental ‘soft pic’ brush:

  1. Place the brush head between the teeth and push back until it stops
  2. Pull out to grab plaque and massage your gum tissues to stimulate the capillaries that are in your gum tissues
  3. Pull out and repeat
  4. If lots of blood, consider changing the brush so as to not spread bacteria from one area and infect another

[2] There are many signs and symptoms of periodontal disease that you can look for at home that include:

  • bad breath
  • loose teeth
  • bleeding gums or
  • a change in how your teeth fit together when you bite

[3] Some infections can be present without any symptoms before your mouth reaches that tipping point of inflammation, bleeding gums and bone loss. Whenever possible, ask your Dentist to test for levels of bacteria that are building up silently.

[4] Ask your Dentist for a non-invasive, thorough periodontal assessment and a salivary DNA test. Your dentist can test for bacteria in your mouth that are known to cause these inflammatory conditions of periodontal disease and heart disease.

Dr. Roper’s Favorites:

Dr. T. Colin Campbell
Dr. Campbell, author of The China Study, is a biochemist who specializes in the effect of nutrition on long-term health.

The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Forks Over Knives with its associated cookbook and free recipe

The Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr. Joe Furhman
Forks Over Knives Cookbook by Dr. T. Colin Campbell
New Castle Dental (Dr. Roper’s Dental Practice)

The 7 Original Heroes of the Movement

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This week, we want you to get to know 
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD
Biochemist specializing in the effect of nutrition on long-term health

Dr. Campbell has become known for his advocacy of a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet. He is the author of over 300 research papers and three books, The China Study (2005, co-authored with his son, Thomas M. Campbell II, which became one of America’s best-selling books about nutrition), Whole (2013) and The Low-Carb Fraud(2014). Dr. Campbell was featured in the 2011 American documentary Forks Over Knives as well as other documentaries and films.

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Asian Veggie Wraps

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Easy Vegan Scalloped Potatoes
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Whole Food, Plant-Based Resources

Evidence based, medical research, other resources and stories that will impact you:

** How flossing helps your heart
Most of us have heard the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But have you heard that flossing may help prevent many common ailments, including heart disease? It’s true, according to a study in the Journal of Periodontology that confirms what others have stated—people who have periodontal disease are also at greater risk for systemic diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

Currently, there is no definitive proof that periodontal disease actually causes heart disease. But there is proof that the bacteria in the mouth, when released into the bloodstream, can lead to hardening of the arteries, which, in turn, can lead to heart attack and stroke.

** Will taking care of my teeth help prevent heart disease?
Many studies have shown a connection between gum disease (periodontitis) and other serious conditions, including heart disease. Research suggests that periodontitis is associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease and that people with chronic gum disease have increased thickness of their neck blood vessels. There is also a strong correlation between diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and evidence that people with diabetes benefit from professional teeth cleanings.

Want more health benefits from your diet?  
How much should we be eating raw? There is a direct correlation of eating fruits and vegetables to better mental health.

Tofurkey Vegan Holiday Roast included in the Dodgers food giveaway this year!  
The Los Angeles Dodgers are cooking up this vegan Holiday delight and you can get a piece.

It’s about time!  A vegan cooking show to air on BBC in January.
The BBC debuts this first vegan cooking show anticipating much success.   


**Vegan Creamy Pasta Primavera
Creamy and healthy.

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Use an interdental brush (aka “a soft pick”) daily

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